Art for art’s sake, creating something divorced from any practical function, is a beautiful idea. The sky is the limit. No restraint, only freedom.

Language is art. Language is a novel, a poem, song lyrics. You can study a language for its own sake, for pleasure. But experience teaches us that a language is usually a promise given to yourself or someone else. You study it to use it as a tool in life and work. So language is not usually a goal in itself, and its learning process ought to focus on its practical side, first and foremost on vocabulary, writing and speaking.

There are time restraints. Therefore, flexibility at the time of deciding about when to have a lesson, and about the amount of own work are crucial.

Each student is an autonomous individual with diverse habits, needs and working styles. All this needs to be taken into consideration.

Language courses should not slavishly follow handbooks but instead use real-life materials: videos, podcasts, articles. In short, real language.

Lastly, the form. Less paper, more digital materials. This way is more eco-friendly, and also multimedia have the advantage of being experienced with more than one sense.

All this knowledge has been attained during five years of linguistic studies an over a decade of hands-on experience. I love foreign languages, the rest is only a result.



Zdjęcie człowieka

A graduate of one of the best schools of languages in Poland at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, with over a decade of experience in teaching a head full of creative ideas. Riveting materials, innovative methods, memory techniques, less paper, more digital materials. Motivation, discipline, patience and expertise. A teacher and a translator.